I wait For you


I wait for you oh loved one,
For the next 100 days.
Yearn to touch you do I,
That I practice in many a different way.

To hold your tiny little arms
And give them my sweetest kiss.
To gaze into those beautiful eyes
And encounter the purest of bliss.

I wait to embrace you oh little one
And keep you close to my heart;
To take utmost care of you,
As if you were a painter’s last work of art.

To see you grow day after day,
Would grant my heart utmost pleasure
And to bestow my unconditional love on you
Would be my life’s endeavor.

I wait for you oh loved one
For the next 100 days
Praying that you will change my life
In a many a positive way.

Jijith Kuttan

Picture courtesy- http://www.jmumc.org/

Gulf Dreams


The first meeting i had with this gentle man was during my schooling in Dubai.He was the kind of fellow who did not seem to have much of an education. From the conversations between my parents,i was able to make out that this person was infact a distant relative of mine and had come here as a laborer to be employed with one of the many private companies plying in Dubai. Mom mentioned he would live with us till he got a better place to shift to.He seemed very childish to me, but his eyes had a gleam in them and it seemed to hold lots of dreams and aspirations which he hoped could be accomplished in this country.Later on,he shifted to the company quarters .He was basically brought here as a manual labor to load and unload stuff from huge trucks which brought in building equipments and that would earn him a mere income but enough to send home to his family in India.Me being a school student during that period was not much interested in him.After all i was one of those kids born with a silver spoon and my life was just normal as ever.I completed my schooling and had to move to India for future studies.The last time i remember meeting him was during a religious occasion in our house. Little did i Know at the time that my next encounter with this man would span a decade .During the course of my Engineering studies in India ,i came to know that the company which he worked for went bust.One of the first questions which interestingly came to my mind was about the whereabouts of this distant relative of mine.He did not have a financial setting to back him up but i hoped he would somehow cope through it and land up another job.I lost trail of him and i myself had a lot on my head trying to land a job myself during the turbulent times post 9/11 ……

Weeks,months,years passed and a decade later the world was buzzing back to normality again and somehow i managed to land in the US. During a one month vacation in india,this man once again bumped into me.Curiously,i asked him about the phase of his life i had missed out;the part from being jobless.The events which he described sounded kind of interesting to me but for him it was an exhaustive ride of survival through those years to meet his family’s basic needs.He said it without any trace of emotion.It seems ,he managed to get a job in a store for some time .He was promised a working visa by his new employers in just a couple of months.He was happy .Things started looking brighter .and just when the seeds of optimism was about to bear fruit ,fate once again raised its ugly head.As per a new rule,the UAE government decided to ship back all workers without a valid visa to their home country.Guess what!, this person unfortunately fit the bill.

He reached home(India) with a wife and one year old to tend to. He managed to acquire a laborers job there also via some political connections.Our person tells me excitedly that every sack he unloads from a truck would earn him 40-50 Rs and that the godown would have an average of one to two trucks per day and There are days when no truck arrives rendering him payless for that day. All these events have not unfazed him much.He speaks enthusiastically of his little girl who is doing well and earning good grades in her Ist Standard.He hopes she would get the education he missed out on.But for that he needs to earn at a much higher scale.He informed me that Through a friend he has once again started the proceedings for acquiring a visa to give one more shot to th Gulf.This foreign land had given him hope in his first visit there.He hopes his next tenure would go smoothly and last much longer.He is willing to sweat out in those barren deserts and do everything in his power to give the gift of education to his daughter and a much better life(which many fortunate people like us have, but still our greed consumes us).The Gulf as a destination has been the land where millions of Indians have set out to make their lives.Some people succeed and others dont ,but still it has not deterred people like this man to pursue his dreams,……I pray for the success of this man and all the others who have tread the same path to the land of oppurtunities,The gulf…..The Dream of the Arabian Nights Lingers on….

Jijith Kuttan
Ps:This photo has been taken from the Internet and the person present in it is not the actual one.

Let Us See The Light


I see the light in the distance, in the far away lands,
Where everything seems perfect;
Scenic as it can ever be and Devoid of any blemish .

I see the light pierce its way through the thickly laid clouds,
And casts its awesome radiance;
The grassy fields sway to the rhythm of the breeze,
The birds sings to the tune of river nearby,
And I stay in Awe, Immersed in the sweet silence of mother nature.

How I wish to run along these fields for the pure fun of it,
To scream in joy so that every living being listens,
To immerse myself in the river so pure,
And enjoy its sweet touch against my body.

Oh! how much I hope this place exists,
As I see it in all its serenity;
That this is not just a dream gone in vain;
How wonderful it would be to live in such a place,
And enjoy this blessed life with mother nature.

I hope we all see and feel the depth of its beauty,
And work together to keep its peace;
Not to destroy its existence for our worldly pleasures,
And Not replace it with huge blocks of bricks which have no soul.
We have done the damage,Let us halt and preserve it from now on;
Let us visit it when life becomes mundane,
And we want to escape to someplace where,
We are at peace with ourselves;
Where we find happiness in the little things we do,
And feel the peaceful harmony that exists between us and mother nature.
Let us sow and reap its benefits,
Let us unite and Live in it,
Let us see the Light!

Sweet Rains


The Chattanooga Rain cast its spell ,
With all its mystique and Grandeur..
The rain pours on the blossomed Tulips,
And the cool breeze finds its way through the window sill.

Rains in a foreign land;
Might be different i used to think,
With Fairies,angels and the Rain Gods prevailing above.
Now i know that the rains the same,
No matter which part of the world you stay.

Though scenic and beautiful it seems here,
The rains in Kerala will always be a different thrill.
It must be raining there right now,
From morning to dusk without any still.

The coconut trees would bear the brunt and
The tender drops would reach the scented ground.
It would make a stream which leads from our house
And merge into the sea further south.

These streams are a sight to see;
Little streaks here , little streaks there,
And slowly and steadily they reach their destiny.
Rocks and sands block their way but that doesn’t
Deter them to their final stay.

Thunder and Lightning rule the sky
and we remain enclosed in our little shrine.
A stranger passes in front of our house ,
Holding hands with his cute little child.
The child doesnot understand what the rains about,
But he does know the Rainbow will soon come about.

What a Magnificient sight the Rainbow is,
The colours of it representing the love of the beautiful sky.
It gives hope to every man
That things do get better after a roaring storm.

The acts of nature are such ;
That it teaches the way of life for many of us.
The stream teaches us the spirit of the will,
Never tire till you reach the top of the Hill.
The Rainbow teaches the spirit of hope;
Never give up or Ever lose hope.
The Rain teaches us that times do change;
And we all must adapt to this heavenly will.

Some little more steps you need to tread
To reach the heavens for which you wait.
Life’s a gift ,Dont put it to waste
Believe in God and keep moving ahead.
No Matter where i finally stay ;
I will always love you always Oh beautiful rain.

Jijith Kuttan

Searching For You

Searching For You

I see you at a distance,easing towards me;
The cool breeze playing along with your streamy dark hair;
Your lovely eyelids blink in symphony with sweet music of the silent valley,
And your serene smile calms the tempest in my weary heart.

The way your beautiful eyes glisten make me wonder where I am;
Which world have you taken me to ?
No day nor night exists,
Just a heavenly dream with you beside me.

Don’t know where you came from
Don’t know whether you exist;
But just a thought that you are there ,
Waiting to be found .

I can feel Thy presence ,Smell Thy fragrance ;
Each and every word you say lingers in the Depths of my heart.
Your slender hands locked with mine ,
Fills the void that has engulfed me throughout all these years.
Your laugh reverberates like the tiny anklets tied to your feet.
And Your gaze,Oh!your gaze transcends me into absolute stillness.

I yearn for the days I’ll spend with you
Those magical moments of joy.
Every moment, every touch would seem like eternity,
Boundless joy await us in the heavenly worlds.

Where are you oh beautiful one?
Where is it you hide?
Can you feel my presence As I do everyday ?
Can you hear my voice in the far corners of outer space,
Searching and seeking for you, Oh beloved one;
Just as the wave reaching for the heavenly shores,
I am searching for you,oh beautiful one,
Keeper of my Heart and Soul.

Jijith Kuttan

Adios To The “Bachelor NSD”


Hello All,

It time again to to do one of the most daunting task of them all .False praising a fellow Marbleite. As all of us are aware of the fact that the Mr.NSD is getting married,its time to highlight his life as we have seen it. Except for Superman’s ability to fly, this person has most of the superheroes characteristics imbibed in him. I met this fellow in KPP (this used to be our initial hostel in Chengannur). Ajeesh and Suresh used to bring him along for their daily puff along with Thampi. He was a sort of person who started his career by pulling thampi sir and attained great heights in this endeavor. All embarrassing stories which he encountered would be effortlessly stamped on thampis or ajeeshs name. I do remember during one of the times when I did not know him much that he came to kpp and was saying some joke(pj) and I tried my best not to laugh coz I was not so sure what this big person was about but eventually I had to find my way and go the washroom and left out laughing. I think the ice was broken then:) Then Marbles happened and the silliest tale of them all “Brahmachaarithram”. Even though he proclaimed himself as following the path of Sainthood,he was normally found somewhere with lots of females surrounding him. Might be just a coincidence;). He had already inculcated good habits such as drinking, smoking, playing cards(he was and still is In love with 28). His antics in college were nothing short of histronics; getting on stage with Superman costume, create scripts and enacting for dramas which only a select few among the masses will understand, buying Balloons from the general hospital with some fictious name (I think it was Akram Khan), solling with teachers, getting down with sony in every railway station and act like they are parting, fighting with Chotta Mithun in Changannaserry bus stand (Mithun was acting like the professor who was not giving internals to NSD), getting people with synonymous names beaten up (Read Poo), etc etc etc Boy if this wasn’t Brahmacharitram then I really don’t have any clue as to what it would be??? He has redefined the word to such an extent that I am really beginning to doubt what the word actually stands for. I might needs to ask the Oxford dictionary people to create one more synonym for the term.

Its not that this person so outrageous as I make him out to be since he does have quite a huge fan following. He reminds me of those cute little Teddy Bears which we see in the super markets and always wish to buy and cuddle. Tender and caring would best describe him. Standing by your friends no matter what the situation is something which I am not sure I am good at but one thing I am sure is that this person is. One event which comes to my mind was during our shred days(onam time). We were fooling around and some fellow from other college was acting in a way which me and Sudeep did not like. We mentioned it to NSD and he actually went and taunted that person. The furore which erupted after that we all remember and the TKM fellows brought a huge gathering and blocked him. I remember Tobby and Suresh running to help but me and Sudeep who actually caused the problem did not go to help coz fear had gripped us both. Its something which I have never been proud of and for which I have never asked forgiveness from NSD so here goes. I am really sorry NSD that I never came even though you did it for us and if ever (God Forbid) a situation ever rises, I will be there and that I Promise .

The other incident is when Ajeesh got mangled on stage during arts festival and I recall the rage in NSD’s eyes that day. He did not allow the lateness of the hour deter him and found his way to the juniors’ den and gave them a sound thrashing. There only few people who cannot bear the sight of their friends being hurt in any way and NSD’s one of them. You really need a whole lot of luck to have him as one of your friends and well I guess we all have been blessed with that.

I am really happy that he has finally found the person who he is going to share his life with. As time goes on we need to share our life with that someone special and by Gods grace he has found one. I am sad I wont be able to be part of this wonderful event but I would like the marble boys to enjoy that extra bit for me, John and Sony also.

So with a heavy heart and with lots and lots of prayers,I on behalf of the MarbleBrats and all Your Friends Pray that You will lead a cherished life with Smitha and live Happily Ever After.


Hyderabad Times-Farewell To The Bachelor DON

Dear All,

Following our Elite tradition,just before one of our guys get ready to tie the Knot,we send out a mail saying(Lying) how good he was and al that.But for a change I would like to talk some facts on how poo was so utterly butterly miserable from the time we started college.Appearances can be deceptive and this so called Gentleman on the outside was one of the biggest Kozhis,we the Marble generation might ever know or see(I know chakki and Nsd are left;but guys lets pass it on to poo till he gets married;Then its back to you both again).Females have passed him and passed him and passed and passed him but he never left his cool ;)….He and chakki have had some wonderful Bachelor tales which would one day go into The Marbleites Folk Stories and our future generations will have the laugh of their lives.(I specially love the Two Roses at a Time.That was the ultimate).I also have had some wonderful times and it has always been my speciality to extract things from Poo and well PUBLISH it.Frankly speaking,poos an open book and after almost 9 years I realise its fun staying with him.You get to see a person who cooks(home minister),who cleans toilets,Who takes care of all accounts perfectly(Finance minister) and still I had the luxury to accuse him of squandering with the bills and accounts.Damn I’ll miss it.I can Go on and on and on but we have to stop somewhere right?

Yes, we have all had a good life together so far and hopefully in the future also.We all have seen the best and worst of times together,but I believe the reason why we fared pretty well and even the bad times we faced look wonderful to us now because we were allways there to support each other.Those days remain etched in our memories and will always remain there.I have a feeling now that those were the Best Days Of Our Lives.

As always good things come to an end and better things take over.Its sad in a sense to know poos going but you feel Happy for him also(Comeon guys,he just broke a guiness record for the maximum pennu nookals and time spend on it).Anyway,Hes finally found his Life Partner and on behalf of all Marble Brats,We all Hope and pray you would have a wonderful life together and we still get to meet up and fool around like the good old days. I am sorry me,georgie and John will not be able to make it but we will surely pray for you :)

So Heres wishing you and Rachana a Very Happy and Prosperous Life Together.

Hyderabad Times
(Opearting from Chattanooga-US;))

Lonely Evening


The dreary Evening has set in,
The Sun is on its downward descend;
The birds swarm to their cozy nests,
And I sit here alone in the silence of the dusk.

I know not what to think about,
The topics are too many to say the least,
But a face keeps flashing in my wary mind
Just wish you could see what a beauty she is.

Those beautiful eyes have the depth of the seas,
The endless silent space beseeches one to wander away;
Those cheeks, as smooth as a rose’s petal,
The sharp curve of the nose, as if it were a beautiful shore,
And those rosy lips, Ah how do I explain it!
One has to see it to understand, As I did long ago.

The person has vanished to some infinite space,
But don’t know why the memories remain;
When the lonely wind blows and the sun begins to set,
I begin to wonder is something amiss
Or is this what was meant to be?

Lots of people are in love today &
Many a times I wonder how love would feel;
Years have passed and I realize it now, Love was what I felt long ago.
As I walk through those lonely shores and the water brazes my bare feet,
I begin to yearn for love again, Oh Lord how sweet it will be to feel it once more.

Jijith Kuttan

A Story On AIDS


The Boys Version:
I am 5 yrs old lad and my name is Arjun.I dream of becoming a big person. My family is a small one.Its basically just me and my mother.I have never seen my dad.”He used to be there”, that’s what mom always says and that he left us and is in some other world. I do feel sad sometimes when I see other children playing around with their fathers. When I cannot bear it, I run to a lonely place (its actually behind my playground) and cry till my tears stop. Initially I had lots of friends. There was Ramu, Vishak, Pooja and lots more. All are about my age and I loved going to school and playing with them. We played lots of games together. It was a jolly lot. But as the old saying goes “Good things aren’t meant to last” and that’s what happened. All of a sudden everyone stopped playing. No,no.. They did not stop, its just that they stopped playing with me .I still remember the day it all started. My mom felt sick and our neighbours rushed her to the hospital. I had to stay at Anjali’s house that day.Well,who is anjali? Oh I am sorry I forgot to introduce her to you. She is or should I say,“was” my best friend. The day my mother was released from hospital, anjalis mom came running in the morning to anjalis room and carried her away forcefully. I asked aunty what was wrong but she shouted angrily “stay away from her and get out fast, your mother has come”. I got scared and started crying. Luckily my mother came to the room picked me up and I left weeping. I have no clue as to what happened. Is it because I pinched anjali yesterday? That might be the reason. I am not sure. My mother cried a lot that day and our bad times started. No one used to visit our house from that day on. When I went to play with my friends their mothers ran and picked their children. I felt heart broken. Even anjali ignored me.Atleast I thought school would be different. But even the teachers started acting strange. I was initially made to sit in separate bench alone in one corner of the room and then one-day mom stopped me from going to school. She said she is angry with the principal and hence I will not be allowed to go to school.I feel really sad now.I have heard that God punishes kids who are naughty and I admit I have been naughty at times. But I have left all that naughtiness behind.” God if you are hearing me now, you must have noticed that I have stopped being a bad boy. I am sorry lord if I have hurt anjali by pinching her .I promise not to do it again. Even though I fall sick nowadays I don’t disturb my mother much. I swear I will pray to you everyday before I go o bed and be good boy .I ask only one thing in return,“Please give back my friends”. I already feel lonely without my dad and now my friends deserting me is just not fair.Also please take care of my mom,she falls very ill nowadays and none comes to help her….Please Lord hear my prayers..Please……

The Mothers version:
My husband had left us some time back. He died because of AIDS. The day he heard it he confessed of having a relationship before our marriage.I had taken a beating inside me but what else could I do.I started taking care of my husband.”Why?” Because I still loved him”. He died within a year. It was a sad moment in my life as I did not know how I would bring up a child on my own. Somehow with the help of a close relative I managed to land a job as a lab assistant in a hospital and slowly I started putting together the broken pieces of my life.Though we were alone we had a happy time. We had to shift from our dwelling because I was not being able to make ends meet. There were very friendly neighbours in the new locality. These people were very kind and arjun used to play with their kids all the time. We were like one extended family. They used to bring fruits and chocolate for arjun.I think they understood the plight of a single mother and helped us a lot. Everything was going fine till one day, when I lost consciousness and fell down while washing the dishes at home.The next thing I remember when I opened my eyes was lying in a hospital bed being attended to by a nurse. The duty doctor asked some general questions and said we have taken your blood sample for a test.I asked him whether anything was amiss.He said “Not to worry must be some virus of some sort. We will get you back to health in a jiffy” .He came back about an hour later, but this time his smile had worn off. He asked the whereabouts of my husband and I promptly gave him the details surrounding his demise. He finally looked at me and said,
“sorry looks like your husband had passed on the infection to you”. I couldn’t hear the rest of what he said .It took some time for me to take stock of the whole situation .I had never ever thought in that angle;then holding my breath I asked the inevitable question.“Will my child be alright”?. He said “in normal circumstances since you got the infection before you conceived it is most likely that your kid is also infected. I am sorry“. I broke down and started thumping my chests. The nurses present came and held my hands. I lost consciousness again.
…For the first time in my life I hurled curses at my dead husband as he had become the tormentor and because of him my innocent child would not be able to lead a proper life.The news spread like wild fire and my closest friends and neighbours deserted me.That does not pain me, but when the same things happen to my child I am unable to comprehend it.They stopped their children from playing with him,he was told not to attend school, they…they just don’t understand, That’s a child for god’s sake and he is no way responsible for the ordeal he now has to suffer. I weep when he comes and asks me some innocent questions as to why his friends wont play with him anymore and why he cannot go to school like the rest of the kids. I just tell him “everything will be alright”.Actualy I am not sure whether it ever will be!

I have researched on aids after that and found out that it cannot be spread through touching .I tried telling my more educated neighbours about it but they would simply not listen or even try to understand. Are these people the ones who have been christened with degrees? Are they the ones who go on to lead the society? Are they the ones who uses logic for every other thing but when it comes to such simple common sense, they are miles away even beyond the illiterate slum people. I have not committed a sin and neither has my child. I admit we are infected but its not the Plague or the SARS that one would catch by coming in contact with us. So why should we be banished from our own society, why are we not given equality defined in the constitution? Why is everyone acting like this? Why is no one listening to us?…..

Writers note:
AIDS is a killer, no doubt, but it does not spread by touching or talking to someone. It could happen through means other than sexual contact also; one of them being blood transfusion .This does not mean that such people be thrown away from society. Each and every one of us should put ourselves in their shoes and understand the torrid time they are going through. Most of them will not survive for long, so it’s our duty as fellow Human Beings to make people aware of this killer disease and also to make sure that their remaining time on this beautiful earth is made memorable.The child and mother above don’t need your sympathy. Just a little care and understanding.Is that too much to ask for?

Jijith Kuttan

My Story-Lachu


I finished my B.Tech in 2001 from MEC. Now it was time to land up a good job and show all these people that me a female bought up by my mom and bro can face this world independently. It was decided that my career would be my top priority and marriage would come some time down the lane but not soon. Someone quipped what if you fell in love? Fat Chance!. Anyway my dream guy never exists: handsome, disciplined, healthy, cool dude with broad shoulders & thin waist ,basically a good chest-waist ratio muscle man and yes a flat stomach K Tell me where I would find someone of that sort?

I finally got called for an interview from a start up company. They did manage to bring me down to earth with a thud during the interview. Feeling dejected I thought whether these fellows give me a second chance? I was startled when they said I am through. Yabadabadooooo!! Finally I got a job in cochin with a decent pay package.What else could I ask for? After enjoying for a week I reported on time for my first day at office. I was introduced to my new team members(both male).We were supposed to be one team. One looked like a drab. Well the other was handsome and ok I guess. But you never know MEN! All are same. They are like same flavour in different packets. Ok why the hell am I even getting into all this .Lets concentrate on work.

Being grown up as a mama’s girl I was pretty itchy when it came to cleanliness and expected to see the same from others regardless of the gender .But after seeing these two guys I realized my concepts were those of a prehistoric era. Guess what? One of them and to my horror the one I thought handsome at least never used to bath, shave,etc. He even had the audacity to boast about burping and f**ting(you know what).He was so casual and boasted of his escapades about the way he copied during university exams .In short I would describe him as a perfect Gunda Mavali straight out of those bollywood flicks. I was forced to live with the fact that One cant choose their partners in work but one can choose thy life partner and people like these don’t even appear on my list.

Then, It happened. I fell in Love. “With whom?” Thats the funny part.It happend to be the Gunda Mavali I was talking about,The person I incarcerated in the paragraph above(what can i say:Love is BLIND ;)). If anyone has any pre notions that it was an accident, I am sorry to dissapoint you. “How I fell in love”? Well ,let me think , ..even though he represented this bash rough fellow on the outside , what can I say, there was an invisible charm ,an aura in him which mesmerized me. That look in his eyes when he spoke to me was infectious and to top all of that his voice. I had heard someone say he knew to sing. Yeah, yeah they all do I had said. Then an event happened in office. Me, him and the darp(no offence) were listening to a song sung by yesudas from a cassette player. These two amateurs started a chorus with him and it dawned on me that my friends were right , this fellow did know to sing and that was it. I was bowled over. The days after that were not the same .With the conversations which ensued later (and it was a lot) I began to have a feeling that the admiration was mutual. Then several instances occurred which made us more close; like the one wherein he was supposed to get burgers for everyone and since I was not in shift and had a car I was supposed to help him in his endeavor. So I took advantage of this and made him buy cold coffee and French fries which was later on circulated in office as “He gave laxmi some French ******.Even though I had a certain disliking for any type of rumors I kind of liked this one. Our conversations then turned to long evening walks and then it came to a point that we did not have to confirm to anyone lest ourselves that we were deeply in love. I broached the subject of marriage once in a while but he had other responsibilities towards his family life which he was out to fulfill. I understood and it created another feeling in me that this mavali actually was very loyal and worked hard to fulfill the commitments towards his family and I admired it immensely .I had not been fortunate enough to understand my dad in my life and in someway this fellow had facets and qualities which I knew my dad possessed and this drew me further closer towards him(people do say and I believe it’s a fact that boys are attracted to females who have their mothers personality and this is true in the womens department also).He influenced me to such an extent that my outlook towards the whole world changed, including the people whom I thought wouldn’t matter in my life at all. He had refined me and my perspective towards the world. Its like I were looking through a flowery glass ; everything looked beautiful & important . So I did not bother him much with the marriage subject anymore as I was willing to wait for eons(ok that’s a little exaggerated; a little less than that, maybe a quarter of the eons ) if necessary to get him and if possible get some discipline into his haphazard life. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me(see Fortune favors the Brave) my mom and bro were not ready to wait and initially had little qualms in about whom I had chosen as my husband. But with grit and determination I pursued and they finally gave into my choice .With some persuasion from my mom, he finally agreed to marry me sooner (Oh what a relief!). On my part I told him that I would be The best wife on this planet, we can share the responsibilities, Happiness, Sadness etc (Ok I lied on the first part and the last but it was for a good cause)and he finally fell for it :).

My mom and bro are happy now since my choice turned out good and they understood the depth that this gunda mavali had for me. We are not the all time happy family .We do have our spats once in a while and we do solve them. I think he has become more disciplined than he used to be (got to ask his friends..marble brats on that).

At present I would say that he is The core of my existence , The poet of my heart and most important The father of the flower in my womb. Thats about it I guess!!
So far So good(Touch Wood).

PS:This article has been written on behalf of lachu.

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