25 Years


February 1st 2005
Dear All,

I believe most of you know its my Birthday today and its a landmark coz its my 25th.Wow!!I have completed 25 Wonderful years of life.Ok, i know i am one of the youngest (John is the youngest) among our batch and all that but anyway i want to share the experiences.The first thing i remember as a boy was actually growing up in chachiammas house.They used to take good care of me.I was like a king there.They always used to say mom and dad are waiting for you.I was naughty as a kid(thats what they said).Frankly speaking it was odd and one day after 2 years(Lkg-Ukg) they said i am going to meet my dad and mom.They put me on a plane.I was scared becuase chechiamma was not there and some fellow was just holding my hand and taking me to some place called dubai.When i went out of the airport lots of people are waiting for me..lifting me up…kissing me..and thats when i finally saw mom and dad according to my memory oh i forgot a brother also(Sanju).Time passsed, i got used to dubai and my family.(Lots happened in between,but i am not boring u fellows with the specifics).12th std finished and i was keen on becoming an engineer like my dad(Pappas son).

I reach kerala but this time it was the opposite feeling.I was missing dad,mom and the hunk sanju.But then as my mom always says when a door closes a new one opens and that was Chengannur Engineering College and i was apprehensive of staying so far but i started meeting all those different styles of people and finally ended up after 1 year or so with the best boys i have ever seen in my life.As all of you agree Life was fun.We lived,played and slept together (literally almost everything).We had our small soundaryapennukus but we all loved each others company.Four years drifted too fast.It was time to leave college and tears rolled down, again i though what would happen next.After a year of struggle i finally joined satyam and luckily i had the blessings to have nsd,george and poo to be here with me.Times have passed since all that.

As I look back on this 25th Year, i would like to thank lots of people.I dont think people do this in writting but anyway i am able to express myself this way.I would like to thank first and foremost The GOD above for the wonderful life he has given me and the lovely family and friends he has bestowed on me.

I dont know whether you fellows know but no matter how big an idiot you fellows think i am , i really learnt the most valuable things in life from all of you.I have been kind of alone since i left dubai and it would have been horrible if you all had not come into my Life.It was a feeling of being together and the loadsof love and protection you fellows gave me.Theres lots and lots to explain but i will cut it short.

From the deepest of my heart I Thank all of you for making My Life Wonderful and hope we all will live long enough to cherish each others joys and victories and support each other in the time of need.If by mistake i have Hurt any of you,i ask forgiveness for the same.I might not say it to you personally (i feel embarrased) but the fact is I really really LOVE you all.Thanks.Let us all understand the lovely life which God has given us and enjoy each and every passing minute.Ther might be ups and downs but its all part and parcel of the life andthe spirit is living through it Happily.Let us “Celebrate Life” .


Letter To My Doctor


My Dear Doctor,

I would like to file a petition against you in the supreme court for considering yourself and practising as a Physician.The term which comes to my mind while describing you is “DHAKKAN“. I have got unscrutanable evidence to collaborate my facts.The facts have been elaborated below.

I have had this persistent cough and i had the honour of visiting you four times and you were smart enough to prescribe some medication which works (that’s a relief!) till i have had them.I am forced to believe it must be a business tactic on your part so that i would keep vistiting you.Another reason which comes to my mind is that the four times i visted,you were wearing a kitchen gown with a mask on your face(was it you both the times?) and that patta(mobile) which you carry along(does it ring at any point in time like say at the operation table and hearing this you stick up knife in someones kidney, courtesy the vibrator effect).

Anyway i am the donkey out here and look forward to seeing you again soon.You might think “is this bugger crazy?” but after all that i have been through namely
i) coughing like an idiot after every two hours,
ii) being considered as a TB patient,
iii) Speaking continuously to people only to stop for a two second break (excuse me: cough time) and the utmost insult of them all that my friends and colleagues considering me a “SICK” fellow (someone, please pierce a dagger into my heart).

Actually if i had a hammer now, you would be literally underground (6 * 5) feet coffin; but being a true gandhiite, i will spare you for the time being for all the ignomity which i have had to suffer.But i will visit you one more time as you are the only one left(i got no doubts,the rest of your clan will not be any wiser(No offence)).Anyway, meeting a new doc would mean starting the whole cycle again.

Considering all the reasons stated above,i would like to conclude my case stating that you should be relieved of all your duties as a doctor(or whatever you consider yourself) once i get CURED

Yours Sincerely
Disgruntled Patient

Ps:I actually got cured after the following visit.Maybe next time i would carry a revolver or an AK47 the first time to speed up the process.

The Odyssey


Ajeeshs getting married!I am still not sure whether i was surprised when i heard it the first time.And then he gives his BP(Bachelors Party) in hyderabad .Then it all started to sink properly.The first marble boys marriage is a grand celebration and to miss that would be a cardinal sin. So time went by and we(George and me) were still undecided whether to go or not considering a few tight situations in office.But due to some persuasion by chakks and the beautiful bride herself we made it a point to go for the marriage come what may.what followed was an epic by itself.The journey started on friday night to bangalore in a luxurious VOLVO bus.We had contacted thampi who had luckily(for us) forgot the importance of May day and hence was stuck in bangalore.We reached there by 6:30 pm and managed to find thampi sir in the crowded bus stand. Somethings dont change and thampi sir is one of them.He spotted us from a distance and started shhh..shhhh.dei..We managed to book three tickets to coimbatore via mysore(the last three tickets and the only bus available till afternoon)have breakfast (george as always wanted beef and porotha as breakfast, but he had to settle for chakki(Oh!sorry,chicken))at a nearby restaurant and then we headed towards our bus(semi sleeper).One of us was seated front and the remaining two were seated at the last seat and lucky them, two chicks by there side. George initially said he could not sit back since he was scared some crime would be commited by him. Considering the scenario i offered my services and sat with thampi.It was obvious that i had to keep an eye on thampi whose mind was already plotting some means to get to know them(sorry poth..after all a boy is a boy).Anyway our journey was pretty sceneric to say the least.Hills, Hills and more Hills.Our driver was not in the vicinity of even being called an expert,he would see a sharp turn,go forward then realise that “ohh! That will cause the bus to tumble over”.He would then reverse a few metres and by that time our hearts takes a few pushups on its own(in lay mans term a heart attack).Luckily we survived the steep descend.We did see a few monkeys and “Beware of wild animals” sign which was not much of a pleasing thought.We managed to reach coimbatore in one piece and george had actually overcome his fear and sat at the last seat.Thampi introduced himself to the two girls but they hardly minded(its ok Thampi…i can imagine poth thinking,”which bull other than me will talk to him” Ha!)On reaching coimbatore, George and Thampi were feeling really thirsty and seeing a local bar went in for a nimphans and came back refreshed.We got a bus to trichur which helped us reach our destination by 10:00pm.We were picked by chakki(driver) and his kili(Sony).After some time in the scorpio we realised we were better off with the expert bus driver rather than chakks.

The destination(Ajeesh’s house )was finally reached and we start hugging the rest of the gang(Tdkoll,Nsd,Suresh).It was a reunion after one year.Ajeesh was administered the royal oil test followed by the ceremonial bath which was a pretty(literally) sight to see.We toasted for the bridegroom with a bacardi and even the teetotaller chakki had his first and hopefully his last sip.Dinner was served and then time for sleep.It took about 30 minutes or so to get everyone to sleep(courtesy “The first one who speaks” game).We all got up pretty early and started the daily rituals and some snaps were taken .We reached the hall just in the nick of time to see the wedding with a large number of our batchmates who were present in huge numbers.The bridegroom was ok(hehehhee) even though he did his best by going to a beauty parlour and tried all the antics but the bride lachu(Laxmi) was gorgeous in her pattu saree and dawning an elegant smile which made us think what was she doing with this geek on her side.The rituals were completed rather joyfully
and we took our shanmugham takis snap which caused a minor roar among the audience(it was like”what are these idiots up to”)’.The food was just great but the icing was really the payasams the though of which will even now feels like honey dripping form a bee hive.Then it was time to send the newly wed which was done rather cheerfully.We sat with our friends and tried to to get a glimpse of whats happening in everyones life but we had to vacate the auditorium.We proceeded for a movie named autograph,which will have a lasting effect for some time to come(its a treat to watch).Then 4 of us were left ;Thampi and sony started for home,so finally me and george were left again and i must say it was a bit emotional when all your friends have gone and only you are left We just walked on the roads of cochin reliving our days there.Our journey back was in no way less adventurous than our arrival.In brief we got soaked in cochin. Our train got delayed by 2 hours,the next day we missed our flight to hyderabad from Chennai;we got train tickets via a tout and since luck was on our side we just got one conifrmed Rac and we literally sat the whole way back(See,i did mention it was adventurous right!).So we were both pleased and annoyed when we finally reached or may i say screeched to a halt at hyderabad.


But that was just our journey,me and george enjoyed everything we face along the way.We were just mesmerized with the occasion of our reunion and saddened at heart when the time to leave had come.In the auto i could see some college students (8 of them)walking down a street and my mind passed back to marbles when we all would have our food and then just walk home buying a zipup and keeping on pulling everyones leg.The tricks we would play with poo, chakkis new crush…thadiyans brahmacharithryam, thampis shhhh,sonys burps, tobbys wish to become plump ,georges vattatharams.johns bathroom antics,my revisions etc. The sands of time has passed and i wish once more we could have that time back but alas i know those are the bygone years and such a glorious era is hard to come by. Ajeeshs marriage has started a new era in all our lives.Soon it will be the next marbelites marriage bringing in new responsibilities and oppurtunities. Life goes on and we will also move along with it boldly and happily .But we should never forget our friends, who i believe will always be there for us.There might be times when they might not be present physically but when we need any help they will reach us no matter what time, whichever place we are in to fight by our side and bring happiness to us.Its not just fighting the battle, its who all are by your side when you fight that counts and then no matter you win or loose,i would say its always Victory when you have your friends to stand by you.

Heil Marbles
Beginning of An ERA(2004- FOR EVER)


There are times in life when u feel like u become a total SUCKER and well i was privileged enough to have such an experience (Its not the first time).


Anyway here i was enjoying the wonderful day of sankranthi; its 10:30am, i feel a twitch in my stomach. I remember that i have not had my breakfast. so off i go to get some bread and butter and some eggs too. I reach the store, get my stuff and start heading to my bike when three people attired in some religious dress come along and start saying”aap khi duaa karegaa.. and all that”. I thought,dont mind getting blessings for a small nominal fee of 1Rs and toss him a coin. He does some jaadu manthar and converts it to an amulet and gives it to me.I am wonder struck.. WOW! that was amazing. Then he asks for a note.I pass on 10 bucks.Theres no way i would give more than that.The two colleagues with him start yelling desperately.They made some kind of disgusted sound and i felt like I had done something wrong; don’t want to anger the gods now, do we? Ok, i just took a 50 Rs note(You Hypocrite) and gave it hoping he would return it back after whatever he has done(am i not “The Idiot”).He does an ABRA-CADABRA-2 (if u remember, the first one being the amulet episode) and this time brings out the photo of a religious head(cannot disclose the name due to the security reasons;No,no not for the security of you readers, but for my sake).Anyway magic over ,i wait for my 50 Rs note(being the magnanimous person I am ,i thought i would spare the 10Rs i gave before).But wait, this fellow just says something i am hardly able to decipher(wasn’t he speaking SHUDH hindi some time back) and blesses me and asks me whether i had given the 50 with a good heart. I say “Yes”(Yeah Right) and Trala he walks away with his disciples. I am standing on the road Gasping with my mouth open as to what had happened and then after 2 minutes(Tube Light)it settled on me that i had been duped.I reach home fuming at myself and try forgetting the episode. Being a fellow who TRIES to see the good side of everything(Optimist)i assume the amulet which i bought for my nominal 1Rupee fee might bring some luck atleast.I finally start preparing my breakfast and start cooking my favourite BullsEye.I just hear the phone ringing and go on to pick it and chat. I come back and my eggs have been mutilated beyond recognition. Great! ,if this is the Luck i believed the amulet will bring, i just cant wait for the wonderful things in store for me(Somebody save me).

Moral Of The Story:
Steps to do when some fellow (or fellows) comes to you and ask for money
for no purpose at all

1) The appropriate thing to be done is RUN (Who knows the world record might have ur name against it.
2) Ignore him and say you don’t believe it(he might curse you, but its far better than what will befall you)


Last Wish


This article is just an imaginative piece of work, describing what Mr. Dhananjoy Chatterjee (convict hanged on August 14) might have felt a day before the execution if the last 14 years in prison had brought about some change in him. (I have put myself in his shoes when this article was written) but it strongly questions the DEATH PENALTY system followed in our country.

My last wish? Ha…is it that easy…some people come to me and ask me for my last wish.

I realize it’s my last day on this lovely planet and the person who is responsible for this, I am sad to say is myself. Yes, I committed a crime and regret it. I think of it and feel like puking; I feel the death sentence is not even up to it. I deserve to be amputated or even worse. It was an event that ruined my life. No human being on this planet can give any justifications to the heinous crime I have committed, but still I ask for mercy not from the human race but from those bereaved souls who have suffered on my account. They include the parents of the child I destroyed and my family. I am saddened at heart for all they were made to suffer from the society and others. The last 14 years in prison has changed me and it is in these years that I have had a chance to understand what life means and how everyone takes it for granted.

Let me try imparting some things of life, which I have learnt in a place which is the least meant for education. You people have so much in life that you don’t realize the true worth of it. As I sit here waiting for the end in this lonely prison i have started to enjoy the bloom of everyday. The sun rises and I become aware of it only when the darkness begins to lift and the birds start chirping. The dewdrops settle and the misty atmosphere starts clearing itself. The day has begun and I get my breakfast. The others who are much luckier than me stray outside and have a chat with each other. I really miss my friends from childhood and I am sure they won’t consider me being a friend anymore since I have wronged. Noon is pretty hot and I can see the gardeners tending the grass. That could have been a nice hobby I could have taken up. Lunch is served – aloo paratha, my favourite and unfortunately my last.

It’s evening and the sun has started its deep descent. It’s such a magnificent sight and I have the rare pleasure of being able to see it one last time. Tomorrow this luxury will be snatched away. That the day had such beauty is something, which I just realized; I have been a little late at realizing that and I hope earnestly others do so at a much earlier stage in their lives. Night has set in and now I feel very dizzy, knowing that there’s not much time left for me. I just wish I could live one more day. I just hope there will be someone who can hear me and release me from the clutches of death. I want to tell everyone in this world that I am sorry for what I have done. Please, someone listen to me and grant me life. There’s so much in life I would want to do, become free and atone for my sins committed. Please, o’ gracious God listen to me and have mercy on this soul.

I know there’s no time left now. These last hours will be the loneliest and the saddest of my life and there’s no hope but to live through it. I won’t sleep because that’s what I will be doing within a few hours from now.
The Death Penalty is one, which can be debated over and over but is the taking of life the only way to get rid of the crime in this country? Will that change things? Will that end crime? So far that’s not the case and the crime rate still grows at a rampant pace. The death penalty just means you are ridding the planet of one more life and that doesnot in anyway solve the problem.

Bangalore Times

Date:24th Feb 2005

The sun started rising slowly and two enthusiasts who had taken a solemn pledge the night before to get their body into shape start of with some torn Bermudas and old worn out jogging shoes.They barely manage ½ a KM and they stop.Saar gets excited seeing some old people playing badminton and tells his desire to Ajeesh of playing with those buddas and beating the hell out of them(ha….how modest can one get)…Ajeesh tells him to go on as he himself is exhausted and can sit and take a well deserved break.Thampi saar goes to an old person who was playing and says…Shhhhhh…The old man though he heard something whiz by him and turned around to see our saar standing .Thampi pleads kneeling down and finally the sweet old man gives his assent after consulting with the others(60-65 age group).Thampi saar starts a game with the oldest fellow (about 64) and wins the first 3 points .He stands like a gladiator who has vanquished his enemy and gives a humiliating glance at his opponent who actually smiles back approving saars play.The final score 15-3,15-0….No,no , Thampi saar did not win ,the old person did. Saar couldnot win even one point after that.The old man like a true sportsman shakes Thampi saar but our saar didnot look up,his curtain was downed coz of shame.He lost to a 64 year old man.Ajeesh finally had to lead Thampi saar(who was dumbstruck) out of the field and bought him an orange juice to get him back to normal.

Moral of the story:

Thampi Does It again (Moonji)

Note:Special Thanks to our Birthday Boy and Bangalore correspondent Ajeesh for this exclusive news.
Jijith Kuttan
Hyderabad Times

Give It a Thought


April 12, 2004

Begumpet – Ameerpet Cross Junction:

Driving through traffic, especially in Secunderabad, gets on your nerves at times but as the city was enjoying some much needed relief due to the untimely showers (courtesy the Rain Gods), I was really enjoying the ride along with a friend of mine. We stopped abruptly at a red traffic light. There was a brand new Honda City in front of us. A street boy (about 7 years, no shirt, torn shorts) ran towards the car and started polishing it with a towel of some sort that he was carrying with him.After finishing his task, he knocked on the window to get his due. There was no response from the driver. The signal turned green and the car started to move but the kid did not let go. He started running along with the car knocking harder and harder on the door and crying loudly “Sir, give me my due, give me my due”. The car sped away and I could see the boy crying his guts out and even showering a few curses on the driver. My heart sank. Whose fault was it? Was the person behind the wheel entitled to pay the kid? We know it was not his fault since he had not asked for the service. Now thinking from the boy’s perspective, the boy has done nothing wrong. He had seen the others doing the same chore and earning money. He followed suit and did a job rather than just begging. He could have easily started begging but he did something to earn his bread and was unsuccessful. After this incident, he might just start thinking that begging would be more profitable.

April 23, 2004

Secunderabad Raliway Station:

I was buying some books from a bookstore that I had found after a tiring search of the city. While the salesman was looking for my books, a young visitor (street kid) comes along. I was amazed to see his kind in a bookstore. He was wearing a torn full sleeve shirt, torn pants, and had dirty hair. He took out some coins from his pocket and placed them on the counter. The salesman asked him to count them, and to my amazement he carried it out to perfection. The salesman went in and came out with two bottles of ‘glue’. I was horrified. The kid put his purchase in his pocket and left. I inquired with the salesman just to confirm what had been bought and its purpose. The thought that I dreaded had come true. The kid had wanted it for a sniff. I had seen documentaries on the third world countries, especially the ones in Latin America, where more than 80% of street kids were hooked on to glue and consequently died very early. But I could never imagine this happening in India. I left that place as soon as I could.


The two kids mentioned are at opposite ends, considering the fact that the second is already at or may almost have reached the end of the path of destruction. My only fear is that the first kid who made an attempt to earn his living might face the fate of the second kid. Some of us might think of ways to prevent this. Not everyone can be saved, I must admit, but there are entities like “ALAMBANA” that are trying to reach out to these people and help them. I earnestly suggest that we all join hands and contribute to such endeavors since

-Jijith Kuttan

The Wall


Here i sit perched at an elevation,
The view is ok to say the least,
The rich taste of cafeine enters my system
To ensure i relax during my well deserved break.

At the distance i see a woman,
Dressed in a tattered attire,
managing to keep it intact with the least desire.
She walks at a snails pace
with the aid of her stick
which looks like the one
thats come out of a movie flick.

She sees the humongous building
Enclosed by well built walls and
few people standing beside it,
puffing away the lighted cigar.
She takes her time to reach them,
and from the otherside of the wall,
she puts her hand in unison and begs
for some alms.

The men seemed not to notice the
other side of the wall where the
little lady stands still for some response.
She walks away after sometime ,
well aware the knock on the door has been ignored.

Why is it the wall is present,
For whom does it serve,
Creating barriers across races and
the whole world?
Why cant all humans be equal
and enjoy the concept of life
rather than a division of the heart and Minds.

-Jijith Kuttan

God’s Children

The train comes to a grinding halt.Oh, a station has been reached. I manage to get up from my seat and take a peek outside. Its been almost 4 hours and the journey is pretty long, 24hours to be precise. Its one of those junctions; guess the halt will be pretty long. A frequent traveler
put it at 30 minutes. Well, that doesn’t bother me much and I go on to get some grub and just browse through that 1 book stall a station has. That’s a thing I have noticed. Anywhere in India, all railway stations are similar, both in looks and its functioning. What a coincidence?
I get back on the train with a copy of the latest India Today and reach my seat. One elderly couple occupies the seat next to me and are lost in conversation. I just sit and gaze outside. Not much scenery to admire as such, but my eye does manage to catch some street kids playing. Its a bunch of 12 kids or so. The eldest would be 12 and the youngest would be around 5.Its a mixture of girls and boys. Infact not all are playing. The elder ones are actually counting some huge chunks of coins. That’s strange, where did they get this much cash from? One kid who was just singing and getting some coins from our coach gets off the compartment and moves towards them to contribute his earnings. I get it now, these kids actually are into the singing for life scheme and that’s how they earn their livelihood. The youngest kid starts crying and the eldest girl who was recently engrossed in counting goes on and picks him up and starts cuddling. Its a wonderful scene as to how an elder sister would take care of her younger counterpart. She then returns to her chore of counting, at the same time keeping a tab on the tiny one. One rough looking Boy comes over and tries to snatch a few coins. A brawl ensues and the eldest almost manages to keep the money intact. The boy has not given up and is getting prepared to have another go but he stops abruptly. Every kid looks behind and start whispering in hushed tones. The reason being, the arrival of a policeman with a big mustache and wielding a lathi. The eldest suddenly picks up all the money and tries to stash it away in a packet behind her. All the others stand together and give her cover. Their faces reflect total horror .For a moment I could understand what was going through those innocent minds. Will he beat us and take away all our earnings? I presume it must have happened before and that’s the reason for this sudden fear which has crept into their minds. Luckily for them, the police man shows no interest in them and passes on. They again get back to spreading the cash on the stone bench and start counting. The whistle blows and the train starts chugging out of the station with the kids just becoming tinier and tinier before they fade away completely from my view.


I am lost in thought as to whether the policeman would steep so low as to snatch their earnings. These kids might have been orphans with no one to care for them, but they were earning right. They were not just begging like the rest of them. They learned some songs and were singing and then they got a measly rupee or so .Then why is it that they have to live in fear of such policemen who are supposed to protect people. Isn’t it because there is no one to stand up for those little souls.Arent they also gods children? This is not just one little incident .There might be many more happening at this very moment. Ok now how do we solve this? Well, we all are smart enough. If we can launch satellites into orbit, can’t a solution be found to rehabilitate such transgressors? I am not saying we can change everything, but the fact is to bring out a change someone has to start. Right?