A new Day

A new Day

Shadows of yesterday have faded away..
The sun has risen again today ..
Beaming bright rays across the bay..
And a new hope along our way..

The stars have left the sky..
Darkenss has given in to peep of day..
Shelling out fairly to scanty and bounty
And a new hope along our way..

A new Day has dawned..
A new chance to shine ..
A new dream to follow
and A new hope too along our way!

Wish I were…

Asleep was I with nothing in mind
But crept did sweet dream with warm thoughts of you
for longed have I to be with you…

Wish I were the tender leaves enclosing the bud you are
for close could I hold you, though for a little while
in my arms would you be.

Wish I were the oyster and you the pearl
for to no eyes would I open you to
and mine alone would you be.

Wish I were the sea and you the river
for as the river craves to reach the sea
so would you crave for me
and together would we reach new shores.

Wish I were the deer and you the musk
for to get you they would have to kill me
else safe would you be with me
and with my life would I protect you.

What can I do but wish
but all would be fine
for wont you be mine …

Are You Listening?


The Hall was packed to full; the morning radiance had cast its spell, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeated the room. The Business leaders of Company X were joined by two business leaders from the UK.

They were searching for an appropriate partner for outsourcing their project. In this quest they had covered about half of Asia and Europe. Ireland, China, France and Philippines were part of his itinerary but he finally zeroed in on India. Now just to be happy of receiving this distinction does not provide much value to us, but as to why we received it lies the key factor.

To extract such crucial information is a skill or should we say an art of its own and only a handful of people have mastered it to perfection.We were in luck and had a person whose expertise in this field was unquestionable and he took on the mantle to ask the client this tricky Question.

According to the client, the Irish accent can be deciphered only by their next of kin. The French were hampered by their language barrier, and also by their ‘antagonism’ to the cultures of the rest of the world. The Filipinos had been short-listed but their overtly demanding nature that almost led to an altercation spooked the client.

Any way what we are interested in is – Why India???

Pat!came the reply which will send everyone who reads this to the moon and back. He appreciated the huge strides India has made in the IT services industry during the last decade, complimented the quality of our work, the cost factor, the efficiency, language, adaptability, cultural sensitivity .Sounds flattering right?

Now comes the flip side of the story; We know that nobody is perfect. So we asked about what he considers our drawback.
His reply – “Indians are hard of hearing”.
What? Sorry, we didn’t get you.
Indians jump the gun”.

The client’s words can be explained with the following three scenarios:


A new project has to be executed. The client starts explaining the details of the project.
When he has barely uncovered one-fourth of the plan, we already have an idea of what the client wants, how it works, its design… The whole map of the project has been charted out in our heads.We run to our workplace with an energy and drive that could undertake 2-3 space expeditions in 24 hours.We slog over it night and day and EUREKA! We are done with it and make the earliest appointment with the client to showcase our product.


The D-Day arrives; everything is in place. The presentation is carried out to perfection masking even the minutest of flaws which could have caused trouble.We are about to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.But wait!The client gets up and says “That was an excellent presentation, but that was not what I had asked for”.The audience is dumbstruck.We try convincing the client that what we had shown him is what he had asked us to do.He replies “What you have done is indeed what I have asked you to,but that’s only half the story”.


After being reprimanded by our bosses, we start the project all over again, the only difference now is that we focus on delivering what the client actually needs.

Where did we go wrong?

Its simple- we just heard the first part of what the client wanted and having made a brief sketch of it in our mind we ignored the remainder of what the client had to say.

Now the Million $ question. How can we overcome this pitfall?


1) Listen completely to what the client has to say.
2) If you don’t understand something don’t feel ashamed to ask again. It’s better to get
things clarified than Phase 3 to occur.

Happy Listening

My Lord Shiva


I have been a true believer of all religions and at different stages in my life I have been blessed with each one of them.The joy I get in visiting a Church ,Temple and seeing a mosque is something which reverberates in me like the sound of the sea hitting the shores.Today is Mahasivarathri and I dedicate this article to the Hindu deity Shiva or may I say “My Lord Shiva“.

“Pray before you go to sleep”; my parents used to tell me when I was a kid.They had not specified as to who I should pray to. Dad and mom have been very thoughtful about religion and always told us to respect all religion as God is One.We would see the Mahabharata, Ramayana and read the Bible (a friend of my mom gave it to her) with much religious fervor. But being a kid I did not understand much of it and time just passed but my parent’s words did inculcate in me the ability to understand and respect all religions. After my 12th standard I had to do my engineering far away from my home and family. My friends used to go home on the weekends and that would in most probability leave me having a lonely weekend. Incidentally, on one of those lonely days I decided to visit a famous Shiva temple out there. It was about 4:00 in the evening and I was able to get into the yard. The inner sanctum was closed and would be open only by 5:00.There was a few places to sit by and I chose the huge banyan tree with the idols of the snake gods perched below.” What did I do there”? Well,I just sat there and chatted with them.” On what”? Everything that was in my head at that time; on how I felt and sometimes a trickle or two tears may even suffice during these conversations. The inner gates opened and I went to say my prayers to the majestic Shiva. His humbleness in his attire and striking posture would give you a sense of confidence to overcome any fear or obstacle that would ever tread your path. From then on visiting the temple on weekdays became one of my top priorities. In the educational department i was an ok student in the beginning and just managed to scrape through in the first semester but then a got a severe blow. For me College life was to be enjoyed and it be passed easily was some wrong notion on the back of my head. I paid for it and lost 4 subjects in the second semester. People who were around knew as to how I felt. Basically I felt like the lousiest soul ever and the harder part was telling this to my parents. My only place of solace was the abode of Shiva and I made a solemn pledge to overcome this failure. I put in my more hours of study and managed to pass all the subjects. From then on strictly adhering to vegetarian food and visiting the temple during the exam period became my way of life.(I also had the blessings of the church I visited with tobs and george after most exams).Anyone reading this would feel this as foolishness,but from the point of sounding totally immodest “I succeeded” and I manage to pass all the last four semesters on my first try. I even managed to get a campus placement. This converted me to a complete devout of Shiva.

After college, there was a delay in joining the company I was selected for(recession time) and living conditions for me, George and Thampi was pathetic to say the least. We used to share the smallest room ever in cochin with a broken cot(we were scared as to when it would break down) , cardboards over it and the washroom also did not meet the most highest of expectations except when georgie would take up the mantle for cleaning it.Here again due to some coincidence a Shiva temple was present within reach of 5 minutes walk down the lane. The ritual of visiting it every weekend once again started and within due course this low ebb in my life also vanished. Once again he came to my rescue and in the process taught me some important lessons in life ;one being the value of money.

At last the company called me and Hyderabad was the next destination. And guess what , (coincidence I guess) just outside the flat we stayed was a huge shiva temple and I just knew from the sight of that life will get better and all obstacles and fear will be vanquished.Life just begins here……

Not everyone may understand or believe in these coincidences or the part it had to play in my life so far but I, with all my heart believe that Lord Shiva has been and is still my constant guide towards some unknown destiny which I am moving towards. And on my part, I dedicate this day to a day of fasting and a constant vigil at night showing gratitude for all that he has done for me.I don’t believe any amount of fasting will equal the boons he has given me in life but why not try to make up for it in a small way atleast.

Oh! I forgot the last coincidence; My parents were married in a Shiva Temple in our native place(I just learnt that recently).

-Jijith Kuttan

Denmark Times:


Venue:Somewhere in Denmark
Hero:George George
Evening 6:00PM

George eases out of the sofa and starts wandering about the flat.He is confused as to how he can keep himself buzzing with activity.He inspects the whole flats to check for any broken equipments or any broken electronic items which need his immediate attention.No luck;Finally he heads towards the fridge to fetch himself a cool drink(beer).Luck deserts him a second time.He finds not only the absence of the Holy beer but also Amrit Paani (Liquor) has been exhausted .”But how com? I just have 3 Pegs a day .Ohh! I forgot, yesterday I had 3 pegs before going to office and 4 after coming(i am following the KAIZEN policy of the Japanese; improve upon myself..thats where the 4th pops in”.Anyway our hero is very annoyed to go out because of the extreme cold but he says to himself “For Rum, Whishky or Beer any sacrifice can be undertaken”.He heads of outside for a 1 Km walk to the store.On the way he notices the whole street is empty and the wind is blowing strongly.He reaches the store and buys his Rum(Hurray!) and starts walking back.Suddenly, a huge gust of wind lashes out at him and he resists.Lots of asbestos sheets keep flying around but our hero is relentless. He believes no wind can stop him from taking his drink home.As a true warrior he fights the wind and walks against it defying it and finally reaches home. “Ahhh! see i told u no wind can stop me”.He runs to the kitchen ,gets a glass(no time to undress) and lets the liquor flow on to his glass.He sits in front of the couch and switches on the TV sipping it and a flash news comes along “Strong wings lash city,32 dead“.George face shows no emotion.Then he says “Oh! KODUNGKAATU AAYIRUNNO(For our Non Mallu readers ,Oh! A small hurricane”).

I know no one reading this will be surprised after all its George and he has withstood many a KodunKaats(Hurricanes). Just another day at the office for Georgie.

Thats George George!