The Boulder


There he lye’s against the strong boulder,
Ahh! What a sight i might say.
His sweet face, those tiny arms, that serene face
laying in tranquility against the unwithering rock.
The train jerks, his body sways, the eyes open from slumber;
“Oh! Nothing to worry” my boulder’s strong as can be,
He then dozes back to sleep.

Oh, how much i would like to be that kid,
Sleeping against the silent boulder,
Draped in warmth of eternal love.
The tender kiss, the protective hug
The silent admiration i would receive,
And the love filled admonishments for my naughty acts.

But times have passed, I have crossed that age,
And I am not as young as I dream to be.
Life’s a mess and future bleak,
But hey there’s nothing to worry
My boulders still strong as can be.

Jijith Kuttan

While traveling in the train I saw a child sleeping in his fathers arms and for a second I wished I could go back in time and sleep like that without any worry of the day to day tribulations we face in life today and enjoy my fathers never ending love once again (which still has not withered with time).Many of us are more sided towards our mother and sometimes forget our dads love which he may not show at times coz normally men dont show off their emotions much but its there in their hearts. So whenever you go for a walk with your dad next time, just try to hold his hands;he might resis it at first but persist and you will witness love that transcend words. Trust Me! It works.