The Bull Effect


A typical morning for me would start with browsing my favorite newspaper to uncover the latest happenings in world affairs and simultaneously sipping a hot cup of sweet aromatic coffee.For some superstitious reason it means to me that the Day in most probability would go good. But for some unknown reason, this day which I am about to describe had something else to offer.

“Kutts, comeon we’ve got to get our clothes ironed” .Ok I said and off me and my friend George go to get them. While we start the journey on our bike ,we happen to see an army of bulls coming our way.Theres about 20-25 of them walking slowly and lazily as if they own the road. I have never respected the bull much and think of them as tubelights since unless you sound the horn 4-5 times these undergrown hippos do not move away from you path. My friend starts shaking from behind coz the only thing he’s afraid so far as I have known are these dumb bulls. The reason being, an encounter which had to endure in Bangalore.A bull just attacked him for no reason(as if they need any. i told you they are crazy nuts) and from that episode he gets transformed into a kitten on the sight of these humongous creatures.Me on the other hand am not afraid of these pesty things and I sat on my bike like a bold and confident leader least interested in wordly affairs.Just then I happened to see one bull just staring at me in some horrible way(don’t misunderstand).I responded and said (in my mind of course) “what are you staring at you bozzo?”(this was later to be the cause of my doom..Read on folks).Finally after 10 minutes and a lot of horn blowing the army had gracefully (Hah!)passed us. We get our clothes and after I have a refreshing bath I come to notice that one of my pants have been stolen.”STOLEN? come on man that’s the costliest pant I have ever bought in my life.Van Heusen for gods sake and it costs me 1500 bucks.Maaammmaaaaaaaa!”.I am furious and start hurling curses in my mind to whoever has taken my pant.” May the pant get on fire or better even may the zip break when he’s wearing it.But wait why the hell should my pant suffer, he should suffer”.I try to forget the ordeal and find another one and rush to office .A demon had awakened in me and my drive to the office would have even made Michael Schummaker(why cant these fellows get some proper names like robert or jim or john which I can spell properly atleast…) proud. I give my bike to my friend and get inside my office building and in a fit of fury climb the seven flight of stairs to my office floor.4 floors were ok but afterthat only I know how I dragged myself up .I switch on my system and reach for my desk keys and …..ohhhhh great,the keys are attached along with the bike keys .Ok cool down now, its just a small thing ,no need to worry.I call my friend and he says he will be here in 5 minutes. Now I have the task of walking down and am exhausted while I reach the bottom(remembner the 7 flloors I climbed). The keys collected and this time I avoid the stairs by taking the lift(wish I had taken it the first time..grrrrr).i start my work on a good note and am relieved thinking that the worst of the day is over. Wrong again! Just got a mail from client that all data in a particular table are missing .The moment I heard it i knew it would definitely have something to do with me. After all its my day and I was proved right once again(Why me?of all the people why oh Gracious Lord, Me??) …We get it cleaned up somehow and I keep my fingers crossed till evening just hoping no more untoward incidents happen. My friend calls me up and say they will pick me up.I call after 1 hour and am delighted to learn that my friends are about an hour away from my present location. So I catch a 3 wheeled automobile(AutoRickshaw-shared one ) and am sharing seat along with the pilot who has this uncanny ability to drive without touching the steering wheel.He’s not even hardly bothered about vehicles about 5 times our size zooming past us and whats he got to loose anyway ,if something happens,I’ll be the first to be thrown out and its my photo which will become a painting on the wall with a garland on it.PHEW! Somehow I survive the ordeal and reach my flat only to find once again that the keys are with my friends.Then on I couldnot stop laughing like a madman at the situation I was in and finally managed to get a stomach cramp.I had a half an hour waiting period and my sanity had left me with crazy thoughts such as one of the aeroplanes flying on top would get some engine trouble and crash on my head.Well it could happen after all its my day!

I called up my mom and told her of the days events.She asked me who did I see first in the morning .Well ,the answer was clearly written on the wall.”A BULL”.Looks like the mean looking bull cursed me for looking it eye to eye and standing in its path like a King. From that date onwards,my notions on the bull have changed.Every time it crosses my path,I bow my head in respect.Ah!what a majestic creature.It walks with such grace that would make the roman kings envious.I could go on and on but I have to stop folks(technical difficulties).

Ps: Dear Bull if you are reading this forgive me for that moment I dared to look you in the eye.You have taught me a good lessen “Never ever look a bull in the eye”(Oh lord where is this world heading to?)