A Prayer


I Say a Prayer for you today,
That you might be a star one day,
That your wishes may be fulfilled
And that all your dreams may come true some day.

Some people don’t believe in prayers
Oh! its just a notion they say,
They don’t understand the power of it
But believe me, I am putting my soul into it.

I know that God’s busy nowadays,
Tending to every persons needs, night and day;
But I know one thing for sure my friend,
He’ll listen to the prayers I say.
“Why?” I hear you say.
Well ,coz Its for someone very special,and that’s you I say.

There may be times when you feel lonely ,
And you might have none around,
You might think alls deserted ,
But hey ,I ‘ll be still around.

I say a prayer for you today ,
That happiness engulfs you every day;
That you be granted the fruits of life and
That you live this beautiful life every day.

A Friend