Knock Knock?
Who’s there ?
It’s me?
Me who?
Mahabali who?
Yaar Jijith its me King Mahabali for gods sake (remember Onam).
And out I snapped from my deep slumber. Oh it was a dream and what a coincidence its Onam. Yes Onam; Sweet Sweet onam.I have done most of my schooling in the gulf and this is one festival which I missed out on. We did celebrate it in our way of course. We used to get new clothes and our family members used to get together in one of the houses and used to have a nice sadya but nothing beats the original. I do remember once I was in India during onam but due to some unknown reason that part has been blurred out of my memory. Anyway, we being kids loved the story of the benevolent king Mahabali who granted anything his subjects asked for and the rise of his prosperity reached great heights that even the gods became envious of him .They finally had took the help of Krishna who (luckily for us) stamped him into netherworld with a Boon of visiting us every year (I do wonder sometimes if not for the boon, the mythical mahabali would not have remained in our hearts).

I finished my schooling and returned to kerala to pursue my future studies and that was when as most people say I fell in love with the festival. It’s not just the grand day but preceding days which gives it a magnificent touch. All the kids wandering around different places to collect flowers for the pookalam .They even try to enter the courtyards of unknown houses and pluck a flower or two only to be chased away by the children of that house. The elders also have a busy schedule. The men are busy buying clothes for the family and some of them even begin to wonder in jest “wow what a big family I’ve got”. The ladies of the house are engaged in buying the ingredients for the various dishes to be prepared and of course the rightful new saree that they will wear on that day. All in all, the whole house is busy and a festive atmosphere is created. Its a feeling which one has to go through to enjoy it.

On Thiruonam, everyone gets up early and the kids who are already eager to wear their new dress have to be coaxed to take a bath first. Then all the children sit down with all the flowers collected during the last week and are engrossed in making the gorgeous pookalam. Remember, this has to be the biggest and the best since it’s the Grand Finale after all. If you haven’t seen one, I would advice you to do the same. Its one of the sights I enjoy a lot, the children will be arguing over the size and shape and when that is finalized they will evenly distribute the work among themselves ( I believe they could definitely teach the corporate community a thing or two on task allocation ;) ) and once the job is done they do make a point to ask the elders as to how it looks. The elders opinion matter a lot to these souls and once the favorable opinion is given (always), the smile which appear on their faces would even make the gloomiest person feel happy. They play around in the courtyard while the elders are busy preparing the sadya. The kitchen’s generally off limits to people other than the those involved in cooking (ladies of the house) .The elder men call up their friends to wish them and enjoy the sight of children wandering aimlessly. Sadyas ready and all the elder males along with the kids sit on the veranda floor (its generally a long line) where they are served on a banana leaf. Different varieties of food are served one by one and devoured with equal vigour.And to top it all off is the Payasam which makes you salivate just by looking at it. Its taken along with a banana and some ghee. Its tirne for the ladies now and the men serve them or in most cases they help themselves. After lunch the whole family sits in the courtyard and chat in general while the kids are busy playing.

Evening comes so soon and you begin to realize that onams come to an end so early but as the saying goes everything that has a beginning has an end and everyone starts saying their goodbyes having thoroughly enjoyed their day. For the kids the wait has started again when their beloved king would rise again from netherworld and bring prosperity throughout the land.

That’s what onam reminds me and to be in a far off place on this festival is a feeling I don’t cherish much. But I do pray to Mahabali that every time he visits us from now on I would like to be with my family and friends .After all Life is precious and so is the time one spends with family and friends. So one should be able to enjoy beautiful festivals like Onam.The wait begins!

Jijith Kuttan

Bolt From The Blue


Date :23rd May-2005
Time 4:00A.M
Venue:Madhapur (Hyderabad)

With the temperatures reaching 43 degrees and the scorching heat dawning on the city, good sleep had become a thing of the past. We prayed that the monsoon showers would be early this year but the weather forecasts had a different story to tell. Three entities Mua(Kuts),Georgie and Poo were hustling and tussling shuffling across our separate beds (just to avoid the misconceptions) to get some sleep.The air cooler helped poo and george to get some sleep and we finally drifted by about 1a.m .Sleep had graced us.

Tshshhshshshgleeek..bleek!!Screeching noises awaken all of us .We heard the breaking of windows.I rushed to see what happened.Our kitchen glass broke.There was humongous winds lashing against us.Thunder and lightning followed and we (sorry Poo) got scared.

It was as if we had invoked the Wrath of Thor(Lord of Thunder).Our kitchen was in a mess,all plates and accessories were flying around,everything wa sin shambles and the worst was yet to come.

Enter Our Hero ..George Georgeā€¦Me and poo were little scared to go near the windows to get it closed coz of lightning(it was scary and poo had a feeling that thor loves him and will not harm him but with the electricity out and poo being not the one so visible with his FAIR complexion thought what if Thor doesnot see him and just send out a lightning and it falls on his head by mistake;cant take chances now can we?After all he’s got to get married (that’s another story,we’ll talk about it later).So where were we..yes George single handedly(one hand is still reccupearting from that bike accident long ago) had the guts to go and close all the windows fighting against lightning and rain and the mighty winds.Finally we thought we had relief.But then again it was not to be so.We started shifting poos beds to our room(as I said earlier he was basically pissing in his pants) and were about to sleep but wait there we see water gushing in our room..infact water was gushing in all rooms.We took all our belongings on the ground and placed them at higher grounds.Poo suggested we don’t need an aircooler now since the water on the floor and the fan above will create the required effect(hehhehe). So basically we had no idea what to do.It was like displaced tsunami victims.Again George George saves the day and gives a briliant suggestion that we go to NSD’S current flat.We left to his house and we made a survey of madhapur.Pretty bad I would say.Trees uprooted,hoardings upside down,traffic lights showing both red and green synchronously(I wonder who wrote the software for the same,might have been a tough job).The time was 5:00am.We slept till 7:00 and then came back to our flat to see the damage in daylight.It was like a river and we could have held The Annual Hyderabad boating race out here.Our Hero makes an aerial survey of our flat and together with our servant(no..no..not poo,we have a maid)all start cleaning up the place.Finally the task was accomplished .(Exclusive Photos available at the following site:


So for the Bravery exhibited by Mr.George George in an hour of Crisis I put forward a resolution and asked the marble brats to vote in favour of conferring upon him the first ever Marbleite Knighthood status and hence him being addressed as the honourable Knight George George-in short form “GKNIGHT “.

We needed above 60% majority to confer the title.With 13 votes,it was going to be a tough task for georgie to win with votes coming from foreign locations as well .But as they say “Its George George after all and the impossible becomes possible”.It was decided that incase of a tie The First Lady(The Gorgeous Lacchu Darling) will decide the verdict.

George george bagged 99% votes in his favour and was given the Marbleite KinghtHood certificate(designed by Mua:See Certificate above) and conferred KnightHood.

Jijith Kuttan
Editor-Hyderabad Times