My Story-Lachu


I finished my B.Tech in 2001 from MEC. Now it was time to land up a good job and show all these people that me a female bought up by my mom and bro can face this world independently. It was decided that my career would be my top priority and marriage would come some time down the lane but not soon. Someone quipped what if you fell in love? Fat Chance!. Anyway my dream guy never exists: handsome, disciplined, healthy, cool dude with broad shoulders & thin waist ,basically a good chest-waist ratio muscle man and yes a flat stomach K Tell me where I would find someone of that sort?

I finally got called for an interview from a start up company. They did manage to bring me down to earth with a thud during the interview. Feeling dejected I thought whether these fellows give me a second chance? I was startled when they said I am through. Yabadabadooooo!! Finally I got a job in cochin with a decent pay package.What else could I ask for? After enjoying for a week I reported on time for my first day at office. I was introduced to my new team members(both male).We were supposed to be one team. One looked like a drab. Well the other was handsome and ok I guess. But you never know MEN! All are same. They are like same flavour in different packets. Ok why the hell am I even getting into all this .Lets concentrate on work.

Being grown up as a mama’s girl I was pretty itchy when it came to cleanliness and expected to see the same from others regardless of the gender .But after seeing these two guys I realized my concepts were those of a prehistoric era. Guess what? One of them and to my horror the one I thought handsome at least never used to bath, shave,etc. He even had the audacity to boast about burping and f**ting(you know what).He was so casual and boasted of his escapades about the way he copied during university exams .In short I would describe him as a perfect Gunda Mavali straight out of those bollywood flicks. I was forced to live with the fact that One cant choose their partners in work but one can choose thy life partner and people like these don’t even appear on my list.

Then, It happened. I fell in Love. “With whom?” Thats the funny part.It happend to be the Gunda Mavali I was talking about,The person I incarcerated in the paragraph above(what can i say:Love is BLIND ;)). If anyone has any pre notions that it was an accident, I am sorry to dissapoint you. “How I fell in love”? Well ,let me think , ..even though he represented this bash rough fellow on the outside , what can I say, there was an invisible charm ,an aura in him which mesmerized me. That look in his eyes when he spoke to me was infectious and to top all of that his voice. I had heard someone say he knew to sing. Yeah, yeah they all do I had said. Then an event happened in office. Me, him and the darp(no offence) were listening to a song sung by yesudas from a cassette player. These two amateurs started a chorus with him and it dawned on me that my friends were right , this fellow did know to sing and that was it. I was bowled over. The days after that were not the same .With the conversations which ensued later (and it was a lot) I began to have a feeling that the admiration was mutual. Then several instances occurred which made us more close; like the one wherein he was supposed to get burgers for everyone and since I was not in shift and had a car I was supposed to help him in his endeavor. So I took advantage of this and made him buy cold coffee and French fries which was later on circulated in office as “He gave laxmi some French ******.Even though I had a certain disliking for any type of rumors I kind of liked this one. Our conversations then turned to long evening walks and then it came to a point that we did not have to confirm to anyone lest ourselves that we were deeply in love. I broached the subject of marriage once in a while but he had other responsibilities towards his family life which he was out to fulfill. I understood and it created another feeling in me that this mavali actually was very loyal and worked hard to fulfill the commitments towards his family and I admired it immensely .I had not been fortunate enough to understand my dad in my life and in someway this fellow had facets and qualities which I knew my dad possessed and this drew me further closer towards him(people do say and I believe it’s a fact that boys are attracted to females who have their mothers personality and this is true in the womens department also).He influenced me to such an extent that my outlook towards the whole world changed, including the people whom I thought wouldn’t matter in my life at all. He had refined me and my perspective towards the world. Its like I were looking through a flowery glass ; everything looked beautiful & important . So I did not bother him much with the marriage subject anymore as I was willing to wait for eons(ok that’s a little exaggerated; a little less than that, maybe a quarter of the eons ) if necessary to get him and if possible get some discipline into his haphazard life. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me(see Fortune favors the Brave) my mom and bro were not ready to wait and initially had little qualms in about whom I had chosen as my husband. But with grit and determination I pursued and they finally gave into my choice .With some persuasion from my mom, he finally agreed to marry me sooner (Oh what a relief!). On my part I told him that I would be The best wife on this planet, we can share the responsibilities, Happiness, Sadness etc (Ok I lied on the first part and the last but it was for a good cause)and he finally fell for it :).

My mom and bro are happy now since my choice turned out good and they understood the depth that this gunda mavali had for me. We are not the all time happy family .We do have our spats once in a while and we do solve them. I think he has become more disciplined than he used to be (got to ask his friends..marble brats on that).

At present I would say that he is The core of my existence , The poet of my heart and most important The father of the flower in my womb. Thats about it I guess!!
So far So good(Touch Wood).

PS:This article has been written on behalf of lachu.