Adios To The “Bachelor NSD”


Hello All,

It time again to to do one of the most daunting task of them all .False praising a fellow Marbleite. As all of us are aware of the fact that the Mr.NSD is getting married,its time to highlight his life as we have seen it. Except for Superman’s ability to fly, this person has most of the superheroes characteristics imbibed in him. I met this fellow in KPP (this used to be our initial hostel in Chengannur). Ajeesh and Suresh used to bring him along for their daily puff along with Thampi. He was a sort of person who started his career by pulling thampi sir and attained great heights in this endeavor. All embarrassing stories which he encountered would be effortlessly stamped on thampis or ajeeshs name. I do remember during one of the times when I did not know him much that he came to kpp and was saying some joke(pj) and I tried my best not to laugh coz I was not so sure what this big person was about but eventually I had to find my way and go the washroom and left out laughing. I think the ice was broken then:) Then Marbles happened and the silliest tale of them all “Brahmachaarithram”. Even though he proclaimed himself as following the path of Sainthood,he was normally found somewhere with lots of females surrounding him. Might be just a coincidence;). He had already inculcated good habits such as drinking, smoking, playing cards(he was and still is In love with 28). His antics in college were nothing short of histronics; getting on stage with Superman costume, create scripts and enacting for dramas which only a select few among the masses will understand, buying Balloons from the general hospital with some fictious name (I think it was Akram Khan), solling with teachers, getting down with sony in every railway station and act like they are parting, fighting with Chotta Mithun in Changannaserry bus stand (Mithun was acting like the professor who was not giving internals to NSD), getting people with synonymous names beaten up (Read Poo), etc etc etc Boy if this wasn’t Brahmacharitram then I really don’t have any clue as to what it would be??? He has redefined the word to such an extent that I am really beginning to doubt what the word actually stands for. I might needs to ask the Oxford dictionary people to create one more synonym for the term.

Its not that this person so outrageous as I make him out to be since he does have quite a huge fan following. He reminds me of those cute little Teddy Bears which we see in the super markets and always wish to buy and cuddle. Tender and caring would best describe him. Standing by your friends no matter what the situation is something which I am not sure I am good at but one thing I am sure is that this person is. One event which comes to my mind was during our shred days(onam time). We were fooling around and some fellow from other college was acting in a way which me and Sudeep did not like. We mentioned it to NSD and he actually went and taunted that person. The furore which erupted after that we all remember and the TKM fellows brought a huge gathering and blocked him. I remember Tobby and Suresh running to help but me and Sudeep who actually caused the problem did not go to help coz fear had gripped us both. Its something which I have never been proud of and for which I have never asked forgiveness from NSD so here goes. I am really sorry NSD that I never came even though you did it for us and if ever (God Forbid) a situation ever rises, I will be there and that I Promise .

The other incident is when Ajeesh got mangled on stage during arts festival and I recall the rage in NSD’s eyes that day. He did not allow the lateness of the hour deter him and found his way to the juniors’ den and gave them a sound thrashing. There only few people who cannot bear the sight of their friends being hurt in any way and NSD’s one of them. You really need a whole lot of luck to have him as one of your friends and well I guess we all have been blessed with that.

I am really happy that he has finally found the person who he is going to share his life with. As time goes on we need to share our life with that someone special and by Gods grace he has found one. I am sad I wont be able to be part of this wonderful event but I would like the marble boys to enjoy that extra bit for me, John and Sony also.

So with a heavy heart and with lots and lots of prayers,I on behalf of the MarbleBrats and all Your Friends Pray that You will lead a cherished life with Smitha and live Happily Ever After.


Hyderabad Times-Farewell To The Bachelor DON

Dear All,

Following our Elite tradition,just before one of our guys get ready to tie the Knot,we send out a mail saying(Lying) how good he was and al that.But for a change I would like to talk some facts on how poo was so utterly butterly miserable from the time we started college.Appearances can be deceptive and this so called Gentleman on the outside was one of the biggest Kozhis,we the Marble generation might ever know or see(I know chakki and Nsd are left;but guys lets pass it on to poo till he gets married;Then its back to you both again).Females have passed him and passed him and passed and passed him but he never left his cool ;)….He and chakki have had some wonderful Bachelor tales which would one day go into The Marbleites Folk Stories and our future generations will have the laugh of their lives.(I specially love the Two Roses at a Time.That was the ultimate).I also have had some wonderful times and it has always been my speciality to extract things from Poo and well PUBLISH it.Frankly speaking,poos an open book and after almost 9 years I realise its fun staying with him.You get to see a person who cooks(home minister),who cleans toilets,Who takes care of all accounts perfectly(Finance minister) and still I had the luxury to accuse him of squandering with the bills and accounts.Damn I’ll miss it.I can Go on and on and on but we have to stop somewhere right?

Yes, we have all had a good life together so far and hopefully in the future also.We all have seen the best and worst of times together,but I believe the reason why we fared pretty well and even the bad times we faced look wonderful to us now because we were allways there to support each other.Those days remain etched in our memories and will always remain there.I have a feeling now that those were the Best Days Of Our Lives.

As always good things come to an end and better things take over.Its sad in a sense to know poos going but you feel Happy for him also(Comeon guys,he just broke a guiness record for the maximum pennu nookals and time spend on it).Anyway,Hes finally found his Life Partner and on behalf of all Marble Brats,We all Hope and pray you would have a wonderful life together and we still get to meet up and fool around like the good old days. I am sorry me,georgie and John will not be able to make it but we will surely pray for you :)

So Heres wishing you and Rachana a Very Happy and Prosperous Life Together.

Hyderabad Times
(Opearting from Chattanooga-US;))