Let Us See The Light


I see the light in the distance, in the far away lands,
Where everything seems perfect;
Scenic as it can ever be and Devoid of any blemish .

I see the light pierce its way through the thickly laid clouds,
And casts its awesome radiance;
The grassy fields sway to the rhythm of the breeze,
The birds sings to the tune of river nearby,
And I stay in Awe, Immersed in the sweet silence of mother nature.

How I wish to run along these fields for the pure fun of it,
To scream in joy so that every living being listens,
To immerse myself in the river so pure,
And enjoy its sweet touch against my body.

Oh! how much I hope this place exists,
As I see it in all its serenity;
That this is not just a dream gone in vain;
How wonderful it would be to live in such a place,
And enjoy this blessed life with mother nature.

I hope we all see and feel the depth of its beauty,
And work together to keep its peace;
Not to destroy its existence for our worldly pleasures,
And Not replace it with huge blocks of bricks which have no soul.
We have done the damage,Let us halt and preserve it from now on;
Let us visit it when life becomes mundane,
And we want to escape to someplace where,
We are at peace with ourselves;
Where we find happiness in the little things we do,
And feel the peaceful harmony that exists between us and mother nature.
Let us sow and reap its benefits,
Let us unite and Live in it,
Let us see the Light!