I wait For you


I wait for you oh loved one,
For the next 100 days.
Yearn to touch you do I,
That I practice in many a different way.

To hold your tiny little arms
And give them my sweetest kiss.
To gaze into those beautiful eyes
And encounter the purest of bliss.

I wait to embrace you oh little one
And keep you close to my heart;
To take utmost care of you,
As if you were a painter’s last work of art.

To see you grow day after day,
Would grant my heart utmost pleasure
And to bestow my unconditional love on you
Would be my life’s endeavor.

I wait for you oh loved one
For the next 100 days
Praying that you will change my life
In a many a positive way.

Jijith Kuttan

Picture courtesy- http://www.jmumc.org/