Lonely Evening


The dreary Evening has set in,
The Sun is on its downward descend;
The birds swarm to their cozy nests,
And I sit here alone in the silence of the dusk.

I know not what to think about,
The topics are too many to say the least,
But a face keeps flashing in my wary mind
Just wish you could see what a beauty she is.

Those beautiful eyes have the depth of the seas,
The endless silent space beseeches one to wander away;
Those cheeks, as smooth as a rose’s petal,
The sharp curve of the nose, as if it were a beautiful shore,
And those rosy lips, Ah how do I explain it!
One has to see it to understand, As I did long ago.

The person has vanished to some infinite space,
But don’t know why the memories remain;
When the lonely wind blows and the sun begins to set,
I begin to wonder is something amiss
Or is this what was meant to be?

Lots of people are in love today &
Many a times I wonder how love would feel;
Years have passed and I realize it now, Love was what I felt long ago.
As I walk through those lonely shores and the water brazes my bare feet,
I begin to yearn for love again, Oh Lord how sweet it will be to feel it once more.

Jijith Kuttan

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