Hyderabad Times-Farewell To The Bachelor DON

Dear All,

Following our Elite tradition,just before one of our guys get ready to tie the Knot,we send out a mail saying(Lying) how good he was and al that.But for a change I would like to talk some facts on how poo was so utterly butterly miserable from the time we started college.Appearances can be deceptive and this so called Gentleman on the outside was one of the biggest Kozhis,we the Marble generation might ever know or see(I know chakki and Nsd are left;but guys lets pass it on to poo till he gets married;Then its back to you both again).Females have passed him and passed him and passed and passed him but he never left his cool ;)….He and chakki have had some wonderful Bachelor tales which would one day go into The Marbleites Folk Stories and our future generations will have the laugh of their lives.(I specially love the Two Roses at a Time.That was the ultimate).I also have had some wonderful times and it has always been my speciality to extract things from Poo and well PUBLISH it.Frankly speaking,poos an open book and after almost 9 years I realise its fun staying with him.You get to see a person who cooks(home minister),who cleans toilets,Who takes care of all accounts perfectly(Finance minister) and still I had the luxury to accuse him of squandering with the bills and accounts.Damn I’ll miss it.I can Go on and on and on but we have to stop somewhere right?

Yes, we have all had a good life together so far and hopefully in the future also.We all have seen the best and worst of times together,but I believe the reason why we fared pretty well and even the bad times we faced look wonderful to us now because we were allways there to support each other.Those days remain etched in our memories and will always remain there.I have a feeling now that those were the Best Days Of Our Lives.

As always good things come to an end and better things take over.Its sad in a sense to know poos going but you feel Happy for him also(Comeon guys,he just broke a guiness record for the maximum pennu nookals and time spend on it).Anyway,Hes finally found his Life Partner and on behalf of all Marble Brats,We all Hope and pray you would have a wonderful life together and we still get to meet up and fool around like the good old days. I am sorry me,georgie and John will not be able to make it but we will surely pray for you :)

So Heres wishing you and Rachana a Very Happy and Prosperous Life Together.

Hyderabad Times
(Opearting from Chattanooga-US;))

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