Searching For You

Searching For You

I see you at a distance,easing towards me;
The cool breeze playing along with your streamy dark hair;
Your lovely eyelids blink in symphony with sweet music of the silent valley,
And your serene smile calms the tempest in my weary heart.

The way your beautiful eyes glisten make me wonder where I am;
Which world have you taken me to ?
No day nor night exists,
Just a heavenly dream with you beside me.

Don’t know where you came from
Don’t know whether you exist;
But just a thought that you are there ,
Waiting to be found .

I can feel Thy presence ,Smell Thy fragrance ;
Each and every word you say lingers in the Depths of my heart.
Your slender hands locked with mine ,
Fills the void that has engulfed me throughout all these years.
Your laugh reverberates like the tiny anklets tied to your feet.
And Your gaze,Oh!your gaze transcends me into absolute stillness.

I yearn for the days I’ll spend with you
Those magical moments of joy.
Every moment, every touch would seem like eternity,
Boundless joy await us in the heavenly worlds.

Where are you oh beautiful one?
Where is it you hide?
Can you feel my presence As I do everyday ?
Can you hear my voice in the far corners of outer space,
Searching and seeking for you, Oh beloved one;
Just as the wave reaching for the heavenly shores,
I am searching for you,oh beautiful one,
Keeper of my Heart and Soul.

Jijith Kuttan

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