Sweet Rains


The Chattanooga Rain cast its spell ,
With all its mystique and Grandeur..
The rain pours on the blossomed Tulips,
And the cool breeze finds its way through the window sill.

Rains in a foreign land;
Might be different i used to think,
With Fairies,angels and the Rain Gods prevailing above.
Now i know that the rains the same,
No matter which part of the world you stay.

Though scenic and beautiful it seems here,
The rains in Kerala will always be a different thrill.
It must be raining there right now,
From morning to dusk without any still.

The coconut trees would bear the brunt and
The tender drops would reach the scented ground.
It would make a stream which leads from our house
And merge into the sea further south.

These streams are a sight to see;
Little streaks here , little streaks there,
And slowly and steadily they reach their destiny.
Rocks and sands block their way but that doesn’t
Deter them to their final stay.

Thunder and Lightning rule the sky
and we remain enclosed in our little shrine.
A stranger passes in front of our house ,
Holding hands with his cute little child.
The child doesnot understand what the rains about,
But he does know the Rainbow will soon come about.

What a Magnificient sight the Rainbow is,
The colours of it representing the love of the beautiful sky.
It gives hope to every man
That things do get better after a roaring storm.

The acts of nature are such ;
That it teaches the way of life for many of us.
The stream teaches us the spirit of the will,
Never tire till you reach the top of the Hill.
The Rainbow teaches the spirit of hope;
Never give up or Ever lose hope.
The Rain teaches us that times do change;
And we all must adapt to this heavenly will.

Some little more steps you need to tread
To reach the heavens for which you wait.
Life’s a gift ,Dont put it to waste
Believe in God and keep moving ahead.
No Matter where i finally stay ;
I will always love you always Oh beautiful rain.

Jijith Kuttan

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