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The saga of Marbles, a gang of 11,
Come we did from places far and near,
To share the life of CEC!

At CEC we met, at KPP we forged our alliance,
Filled were we with characters so diverse,
that God alone knows howeth we stayed together!!
Four years have passed,four years that we spent together;
Time flew past and all that we did is now just a memory,
A dream that once was a Reality! ,

First among the marbelites is Ajeesh, the singer of our batch,
The K of our lovely life, an expert with his mouth;
of looks second to none And a heart filled with emotions,
an ever ready smile when happy that can make anyone to smile so happily;
well dressed and cooperative to any descisions!!
And of course the dreamer of our batch!!

Jijith the tall thin glamour boy ,whose ribs underline the eating habits;
The best inspiration that one needs during exams,
A pillar of seriousness but when childish,the smallest kid in the lot!
A very caring fellow who knows not how to express emotions yet always filled with It (especially when he sees saji k ahmed!) ;
the dancer with the broadest shoulder and stiffest steps ,
Patti we called him, a man of principles and radhs!!

John Valavi the Pori the second best brains of marbles,
a person always filled with ambitions yet caring and loving;
a decent fellow whom all go to advice at times of troubles!!
A man who keeps himself busy always and follows the policy live and let live!
His songs so correctly worded with lyrics of his own
and A laughter that booms through the walls of marbles
Will marble house ever hear a laughter like that again!!

George comes in next , the real brains of Marbles,
The Karumadikuttan, whose brilliance borders on insanity!! (hehehe)
The dark silent horse, who helps without being asked,
Who sacrifices without being requested,
who keeps himself always busy tinkering with something or activities always!
Until you praise him for his deeds, he is the most loving of the lot!
Praise him and there he withdraws into an eccentric shell,
suddenly becoming all business like, So shy he is of the word Thanks!!
A person who finds expressing his emotions the most difficult thing in the world!
Dont forget the way this fellow catnaps wherever he is seated, he never sleeps mind you!

Then we come to the Nishanths PU and NSD;
Both two extremes of the same name!
PU the IAS of marble house(Invisible After Sunset !) ; glamorous yet shy ,
Well built yet the scardest guy in marbles!
The don of our gang is PU , yet show him a cockroach
and you can watch his antics and facial expression!
Loving is he, always helpful,
with money being his greatest weakness, every penny accounted for!
This soul of darkness is the silent yet emotional pot with gals taking him on rides!!

NSD the jetli of our Marbles,the MohanLal of our gang,
Huge he is with the body of a sumo wrestler, a heart of a child and a ready laugh
So infective that the very thought of it
brings a smile to everyones heart!!
A hardworking fello, who commands respect, works to the end and reads BALARAMA..,
His favorite magazine!!
Joking mostly yet serious at times, especially exams!
He is one of the most caring fellows in the world, a Brahmacari at that too..
Who only spends his time with women!! (he says it improves his will power and endurance!)

Suresh , the philosopher in our lot, always observing the world around him,
Observe he does the changes learning things new from it;
the smallest fellow in our gang He is, always ready with a smile on his face;
Sleeping is his favorite pass time,
the thund Of marbles,
so small he is yet the most readiest when in times of trouble, a live wire he is!!
The true emotions he had for us was never so explicitly displayed,
as and when we said our adieu!!

Sony the rubber of marbles, the mask of CEC,
a person who makes you laugh just at sight
He is the crowd puller of our lot,
gain does he always the attention of everyone around him due to his antics!!
The girls love him yet are disgusted by him ;
his valis and burps are his trademarks,
love do all this easy going fellow! With a pair of gonds this guy walks about,
the VJ of our batch!!
Loving , caring and sharing most of the times
whose weakness for food is justified by his looks and balloons!!
The Jim carrey , full of laughter and jokes;
yet at times a negative thinker who needs to be reassured a lot about success!!

Tobby the kuzhi, the light weight joker of our team, God fearing he is ,
Ever enthusiastic to learn new things, a dancer of high caliber always active ,
never taking a backseat in any job!!
Caring and loving he is,
a very emotional fellow who is reduced to tears especially where his friends are concerned;
A heart of gold and a kidney filled with stones, this is dkoll!!

Thampi, the saar of our house , always ready to teach his friends, never tiring ,
the tall handsome guy in the neighbourhood he is,
maybe I guess a bit invisible after sunset,
never mind though as he rides a buffalo so strong!!
Caring , emotional and advising,
A solid fellow who rarely breaksdown under pressure ,
though he will frequent the toilet During such tense times!!

Comes next does Chakky ,
with a heart that thirsts for the feminine touch,
Tried has he to attract many a time but in vain has it always been,
The most mature of the lot at times whom all seek advice from,
Be it big, fat NSD or the small short thund! But at times the baby of the lot,
With mind that needs a little care and a mouth that has mastered the mother tongue,
Laughed has many at his expense and his laughter too
is unforgettable!!
In him has many laid their trust,
a sportsman with a mind to conquer every football field he has laid his feet on,
this is CHAKKY the most sincere friend one can ever have!!

Arun Varghese, chokli the unofficial member of marbles,
though he never stayed at marbles, he was ever present with us during all times,
reserved he is, like the leo nature he Is ,
he is a bit stiff about playing the fool,
but give him a chance and there he becomes a baby again!!
friendly, helpful and fast becoming the thadiyan of our gang due to his size!!

Stayed together have we , sharing all joys and sorrows;
Together we stood at times of troubles
with each supporting the other from within our hearts!!
Fought have we among us at times but our love has always
ensured to keep us as one!!

As the time to part has come,so attached we have become to one another,
Even the thought of parting is something so unfathomable!!
To split we are destined for all good things must come to an end!!
With a heavy heart,
tears in our eyes, our bodies tire down just at the though of the split,
So full are with memories of good times we have spent together,
times of oil tests, water baptisms, dances, singing, taking bath together, kfying ;
living life to the fullest!!

Dear marble boys,
wish that life can bring the best to each and every one of you,
And so ends the saga of marble house, but with the difference
that bonds of friendship greater even than family was planted within us!!
This alone will keep us together even if distance parts us physically;
Our love alone will keep us close, forever we will be one in heart ,
till the end of our lives,
this is what will always standout as our greatest achievement.

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